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Stuart E. Pohost 


Biography and our Company History


There are several photographs of me hiding in the "One last thing gallery!


I have been operating my own business since 1970 after graduating from High School and College.

During my High School years I had my analog Nikon FTN and F2 professional Camera's and went around shooting images of my friends and others.

By the time I graduated from High School, I produced and sold "hundreds" of hand made "black and white" 8x10's to my friends at school which gave me several thousands of dollars. This was the beginning.


During College I worked for a large Montgomery County newspaper called "The Billboard". I shot over 200 "people oriented" front pages along with being a "stringer" for the Washington Post and Washingtonian magazine.

I worked shooting custom model homes for "Miller built homes" shot political events for both the Democratic National committee and Republican National committee and other exciting assignments.

I was also "revving" up my photography business and hired several "staff photographers", a lab assistant to run our "in house" lab, and I started advertising in the Yellow pages to bring new clients to us.

Names such as Miesel Photochrome Corp., Leather Craftsmen Inc. and others did all of our color film work, finished prints and custom leatherbound books. We did all of our "black and white" prints from day one till our last print out of a tray during 2007!

We innovated our "exclusive" five step finishing process for more than 30 years. We have been finishing our prints with custom cropping, contrast control, spray finish for lifetime saturation, spotting and only Pro photographic paper and continue to do so today.

I started our first website in 1997 when the web was very basic and ran slowly. A few photographs and a nice style took weeks of difficult "code" work to accomplish. It was a big hit and to my knowledge the first website for a "photography" business anywhere in the DC area.

We updated our site in 2005 and used "flash" technology which was "cutting edge" in 2005! We called it our "Tech 2" or phase 2 technology. It looked great with a bridal party in front of the US Capitol as our home page!  

Around the same time film photography was dying. We started using Canon and Nikon DSLR's exclusively (digital single lens reflex) We still used Fedex overnight to deliver our images to the lab.

Today our work is 100% digital in virtually every way. All of camera's are "Pro" DSLR's, we still use our professional lab from the film days (they have the best digital prints in the industry) and send our images to the lab via high speed internet. We have replaced our "in house lab" with the latest Apple™ Macintosh computers with software that allows us to render "perfect" images every time!


We may use very modern digital technology but we don't use computers to remake or substantially change our images. Our advanced imaging skills (experience behind the camera) give us perfect images the way no computer could ever do! So despite all of this digital equipment the bottom line are images that are more crisp and sharper than they were since we started back in the 1970's! While digital has really made our photographs better than ever before, experience and quality is what makes our work stand out from other photographers! We have shot over 10 million images over forty years!


Our Studio line:


(301) 593-6200


Our Studio email:




Some of our Professional Services:


Complete Wedding coverage

Wedding Portraits

Engagement portraits

Environmental Photography

Family portraits


Bar-Bat Mitzvah Portraits

Bar-Bat Mitzvah's

Model photography

50th Wedding Celebrations

Birthday parties

Industrial photography

Corporate photography

Legal photography

Babies photo's

Photo journalism

Home and Building photography

Ultra fast turnaround photography 24/7

HD Videography for any occassion



Let's see you top Us™!




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Our entire website is © 2018 About Photography by Stuart Pohost

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